Harbour Buffett Road

Town of Arnold’s Cove

Road Upgrading

Client: Town of Arnold’s Cove

Meridian recently provided consulting engineering services to the Town of Arnold’s Cove for a road upgrading project. Harbour Buffett Road is a major road within the Town of Arnold’s Cove, which was in need of repair due to deteriorated, narrow width asphalt as well as inadequate drainage in the existing roadside ditches. This project included installation of a new storm sewer system to address the drainage issues, as well as upgrading the roadway to Town Standards, with new curb, gutter and sidewalk. Due to funding provided for this project, the upgrading was completed in two phases.

Engineering services provided included:

  • Site investigation and survey,
  • Detailed design,
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Cost estimating.
  • Technical support was provided during the tendering process,
  • Construction/contract administration,
  • Resident site inspection services,
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control Services,
  • Pre-construction, substantial, and final inspection visits
  • Preparing as-built record drawings;

Project Challenges

The challenges involved in the project were:

  • Poor soil conditions in the existing road bed were not taken care of during the original construction meaning that the existing material had to be sub-excavated and rock backfill placed to provide a stable subgrade for the new road.
  • A section of the existing deteriorated ductile iron water had to be replaced due to poor soil conditions (120 m).
  • The existing water and sewer service lines required replacement because of the initial type of materials used. during the winter and therefore alternative solutions had to be considered for preparing subgrades on frozen ground and using an alternative material for concrete.