Water Filtration and Trunk Main

LSD Deep Bight, NL

Install New Water Filtration System and Trunk Main

Client: Local Service District (LSD) of Deep Bight

Meridian recently provided consulting engineering services to the LSD of Deep Bight for a water infrastructure upgrade project. The existing drilled wells in Deep Bight were no longer able to meet the Town water demands, thus a new water supply from an adjacent river was constructed. The project involved a new river intake screen, a 700m HDPE water transmission main and new access road.

The water quality from the river did not meet the drinking water guidelines, thus a new extension to the existing pumphouse was constructed to house a new Culligan water filtration system which has provided very favorable results. The scope of work also included a new distribution pumping system, which is operated via variable frequency drive (VFD) control and a new flow meter.

Services provided by Meridian included site investigation and survey, detailed design, preparation of tender documents and cost estimating.  Technical support was provided during the tendering process, as well as construction/contract administration and resident site inspection services during construction.

Project Challenges

The challenges involved in the project were:

  • Installing the intake in the river. This was completing by installing a diversion pipe and sump pumps to keep the working area free from water.
  • Installing the water main from the river to the pumphouse over the rough terrain and minimal grade. A HDPE water main was used instead of PVC which is more suitable to rough terrain. Rather than blasting in areas the pipe was placed on the ground and the access road constructed over to achieve proper cover.