Infrastructure Upgrades

Lower Terra Nova Fishway

Upgrade Personnel facilities at the Terra Nova Fishway to ensure long-term sound infrastructure is maintained and provided at the remote site.

Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Real Property Branch

In the summer of 2016, Meridian completed an inspection of the operational facilities at the remote fishway site located on the lower reaches of Terra Nova River in Newfoundland. This included a conditional inspection of the helicopter pad, wooden walking trail boardwalks and two (2) out buildings. Following the site visit, Meridian completed an engineering report recommending upgrades along with associated construction estimates for future planning and development.

In 2017 Meridian was re-engaged by the client to undertake a detailed design of the necessary upgrades required and complete tender ready stamped engineered drawings and specifications along with all finalized construction schedules and estimates. In addition to the design, Meridian assisted the client during the tender to clarify any technical questions and completed periodic site visits during construction along with assisting in project management and administrative duties.

Detailed design and project management services provided included:

  • Sequencing and procedures for demolition and removal of the existing timber boardwalks, patio decks, and equipment shed,
  • Removal of the existing formwork tie rods located at the existing fishway entrance
  • Repairs to the accommodations building, including replacement of underlying footings and new metal roofing
  • new timber boardwalks and patio decks.
  • Design of a new equipment shed.
  • Upgrades to the off-grid power supply system and propane system.
  • Repairs to the concrete diversion wall, including construction and maintenance of temporary dewatering devices and structures.
  • Contract administration duties including: responding to technical questions from site; reviewing progress payments; shop drawing review; weekly progress reports; preparing as-built record drawings; and pre-construction, substantial, and final inspection visits


Project Challenges

The fishway is not accessible by roadway and therefore it was preferred that all construction materials and personnel be helicoptered into site. This posed many challenges to the design team. Every effort was made to optimize the amount and type of new materials required to complete the work.  Also, with limited availability of equipment, power supplies and temporary devices onsite, the design had to be tailored to  suit the isolated conditions. In addition to these challenges, the work had to be completed during the winter and therefore alternative solutions had to be considered for preparing subgrades on frozen ground and using an alternative material for concrete.